Ever wanted to add a round button decoration to some of your handmade items. Here is a knitted version

Materials : 3mm needles, scraps double knitting wool (about 25g)

Taking 2 strands of double knitting wool, cast on 3sts.

1st row : increase into 1st stitch, knit next stitch and increase in last stitch ( 5 stitches)

2nd row : Knit Row

3rd row :increase into 1st stitch, knit until last stitch and increase into last stitch (7 stitches)

4th row : Knit Row

Repeat 3rd and 4th rows another twice (11 stitches)

9th Row: decrease into 1 st stitch, knit to last two stitches, knit together (9 sts)

10th Row: knit row

Repeat 9th and 10th rows another 3 times (3 stitches)

Cut yarn (leave a long tail) and pull through the 3 remaining stitches.

Finished item before rounded

To make more rounded, take the long tail strand and thread around the edges all the way so that it can be pulled tightly to make the dome shape shown

Threading through the whole edge of the finished item

Finish all the way around

Pull tightly when complete and then round out

This the image from the back so you can see whats happening

Finished button circle

Ready now to sew on to your items.

On a finished item

Happy knitting

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