Sometimes when you have extra bits and pieces of wool its difficult to know what to do with them.  Why not create some bunting for your next party or just to decorate a room like I have

Knitted bunting by Pretty Sew Sew

Materials : 3mm needles and 25g of a few different colours of double knitting wool ( to be honest though nothing is off limits)

Cast on 25st

Row  1: knit row

Row 2: Decrease each end of row (23 sts)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 another 10 times ( 3 stitches left)

Break yarn and thread through remaining 3 stitches

Bunting flag by Pretty Sew Sew

Repeat the pattern above until you have the amount of flags you want.  I made 12 flags on the item above and once threaded measured  inches (  cm)

To string together measure a length of wool and sew the wool in and out along the top of the flag. Do this for all of the flags you have made

Stringing the bunting flags by Pretty Sew Sew

NB: if you want a bigger triangle just add more stitches at the beginning and follow the same two rows of pattern until you have 3 stitches left

Finally all you have to do is hang it up and enjoy all the nice comments that come your way.  You could make lots of them and really decorate the room

Happy Knitting

Pretty Sew Sew