So I wanted to try my hand at weaving but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a loom.  I decided to make my own using an old wooden picture frame, any size will do and some nails.

I measured out 1cm marks along the two shortest sides and then using small nails and a hammer, nailed them in place.

Finally using some double knitting wool to make the long strands( warp, the longitudinal strands) that my weaving would take place with (weft).  The wool was looped around each nail from top to bottom until the full frame was covered.

To get a different look, place nails at different distances uniformly or randomly.  The great thing is its a creative process so there are no hard and fast rules.  Next blog post will be to show how the loom can be used to weave some unique fabrics. (see How to weave fabric)