Sometimes after buying lots of Crin (horsehair crinoline) you find yourself using it for the same things over and over.  It can be used to reinforce clothing but also to make some lovely Millinery decorations A bow is an easy thing to make with it.

All you need to do is work out the length you want your bow to be and cut double this length.  Take each end and fold to meet in the middle.  Lastly take your needle and thread and sew the two ends in place in the middle.  It’s as easy as that you have a bow.  If you want a layered one, like above just make a couple at different sizes and sew together in the middle.  You can use a lovely brooch, button or bead to hide the sewing or even some feathers or other embellishments.  I have also in the black one above put some veiling underneath the bow to give some more volume to the fascinator

So if you want to give it a try head over to Pretty Sew Sew  Millinery Supplies to get some crin horsehair and get started.

Happy Sewing